Notarized translation of documents

Notarized Translation of Documents: What You Need to KnowIf you are planning to submit official documents issued in a language other than Hebrew or Arabic to any Israeli governmental or public institution, then you should know that they will need to be translated into Hebrew. However, there are some institutions…

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How to Enforce a Foreign Court Judgment in Israel: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're wondering about the procedure for bringing a final foreign court judgment to enforcement in Israel, you're in the right place. In this post, we'll discuss the documents required, the costs involved, and whether it's necessary to take enforcement action in your country first.Understanding the Foreign Judgement Enforcement Law…

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B1 Visa

How to Obtain a Work Permit and B1 Visa for Foreign Experts in Israel?Foreign companies that have contracts with Israeli companies can invite their expert employees to work in Israel. This means that foreign experts with the necessary professional qualifications or expertise can temporarily work in Israel, at the invitation…

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Real Estate transactions in Israel

Israeli Real Estate Attorney. Our law firm handles all aspects of Real Estate Law. We specialize in real estate purchase and sale agreements, including apartments, land and commercial buildings. We represent our clients, both Israelis and foreigners, in various types of real estate transactions, assisting, advising, and guiding them to…

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Questions from Internet users

What are the main legal requirements for a company that would like to sell its products in Israel? In what situations is it or isn't necessary to register a company in Israel? A foreign company may sell its products in Israel through an Israeli agent or representative, and this is…

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Changes in the Polish Passport Law

A new passport law has come into force in Poland. It introduces many conveniences for citizens. The main ones are:no need to submit a paper passport application. From now on, the clerk will fill out the electronic form. A person applying for a passport will only have to confirm their…

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Signing a contract at a notary’s office in Krakow

Signing a contract at a notary's office in Krakow - even before the summer vacation we managed to successfully conclude a sales transaction in Krakow - a building overlooking the King's Palace was sold for 5 million euros.

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Cryptocurrency regulation in Poland

As virtual currencies became more popular, Poland became one of the few countries in the European Union to regulate the market for virtual currency.The Polish Financial Supervision Authority is responsible for monitoring the Polish financial market, keeping it effective and developing.Cryptocurrency dealers in Poland are now provided with solutions to…

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Why start a business in Poland, is it a good idea?

Poland is a very attractive country for business Economic stability and central location in Europe and the fact that Poland has a large and stable economy gives foreign investors advantages in a variety of fields.Poland offers a great geographical location, a skilled and professional workforce, a wide range of business…

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