Apartments for Investment in Poland

For many Israeli investors seeking international real estate opportunities, Poland holds significant appeal. With relatively low apartment prices and rental yields averaging around 7-6%, Poland presents an especially attractive investment destination.

At our office, we specialize in providing comprehensive support and guidance to Israeli buyers throughout the entire process of acquiring apartments in Poland. Whether exploring the second-hand apartment market or the new apartment market, we offer our expertise to resellers, purchasing groups, and individual investors alike.

Partnering with a Specialized Real Estate Law Firm for Seamless Investments

We take great care in thoroughly examining the details of each apartment, project, and its legal status. Additionally, we actively negotiate on behalf of our clients and utilize our network of branches in Poland to facilitate the signing of purchase agreements through a power of attorney granted to our office, eliminating the necessity for the purchaser to be physically present in Poland.

It’s important to note that Poland does not impose restrictions on the purchase of residential apartments by foreign citizens. This means that Israeli investors can explore a wide range of opportunities without limitations.

In the first-hand apartment market, buyers’ rights are well protected by the “2012 Home Buyer Protection Law.” This legislation ensures various safeguards, including the guarantee and protection of buyer funds through an escrow account managed by a lending bank. The release of funds to the contractor is contingent upon the completion of construction phases. Following the completion of construction and payment of the full price, the new apartment is immediately registered in the buyer’s name at the local “Taboo,” contrasting with the process in Israel.

Similarly, for second-hand apartments, there is a systematic registration process at the Land Registry Office, allowing for immediate registration of ownership in the buyer’s name upon completion of the transaction.