Long Term Visa

Foreign experts, employees of foreign companies, may, at the invitation of an Israeli company, carry out specialised work within Israel, subject to obtaining a work permit and B1 visa.

In order to obtain a long-term visa, foreign experts whose anticipated work in Israel will last longer than 90 days must meet additional requirements. A company applying for a work permit for an employee for a period of 3 to 12 months must document that the employee’s salary during the period of his employment in Israel will be no less than twice the national average in Israel.

Visa issued for up to 12 months

  • it is possible to obtain a multiple-entry visa (for an additional fee).

A prerequisite for obtaining a B1 work visa for a foreign expert is to obtain a permit to work in Israel. The following documents are required to apply for the permit (1):

  1. a statement by the employer, a foreign company sending the employee, (the content of the form is in accordance with the requirements of the Population and Immigration Authority) made by a person authorised to represent this company, signed with a notarised signature and authenticated with an apostille seal (in accordance with the Hague Convention) (the data of the person(s) authorised to represent are necessary),
  2. a full extract or basic information about the employer’s company;
  3. an invitation letter from the Israeli company;
  4. a power of attorney from the employer to submit the applications;
  5. a scan of a copy of the employee’s passport (the passport held must still be valid for at least at least 18 months);
  6. document confirming the employee’s qualifications;
  7. curriculum vitae (2);
  8. information on the number of working hours per week;

The application fee for a work permit is NIS 1,300.


  • in case of a negative application, the fee is non-refundable;
  • the professional must not be in Israel at the time of application.

After receiving an employment permit, the expert will be allowed to enter Israel. Then within 3 working days employee must apply at the local office of the Interior Office for a change of visa type from a tourist visa to a work visa and for a B1 work visa to be issued on the basis of your work permit.

A fee must be paid for the visa. The fee is calculated on the basis of the number of days the employee actually stays. Typically, if the application is for a long-term visa for a year, the fee does not exceed NIS 11,000

(1) The list of required documents may vary depending on the specifics of the expert’s work. In such cases, our law firm always adjusts the required attachments with regard to the specific case.
(2) We send standard document templates.