Polish Passport for Minors

Polish law states that the citizenship of a minor is automatically determined by their parents’ citizenship. After receiving the citizenship certificate, the child’s birth certificate and parents’ marriage certificate must be registered and issued in Poland.

Our office assists with registering and issuing all the necessary documents in the Polish Registry Office (USC).

Minors born after 15.08.2012 do not need to issue a citizenship certificate .  All you have to do is register and issue the child’s birth certificate and the parents’ marriage certificate in Poland.

The request to issue a Polish passport for minors can only be submitted at the Polish Consulate, in the presence of the requesting minor and his/hers parents.

You can schedule a visit to the consulate on the Polish Embassy website at the following link:

Bring to the meeting:

  • Citizenship confirmation
  • Birth certificate of the minor registered in Poland
  • Parents’ marriage certificate registered in Poland
  • Passport application form
  • Valid Israeli passports of the parents and the minor
  • 2 passport photos

Submitting the application for minors, born in Israel, whose parents hold a Polish citizenship certificate (“second generation”):

  • Confirmation of father’s / mother’s Polish citizenship
  • Birth certificate – in which the maiden name of the mother appears – (issued by the Ministry of the Interior)
  • Registration extract from the population registry (issued at the Ministry of the Interior)
  • Certificate of Israeli citizenship (issued at the Ministry of the Interior)
  • Parents’ marriage certificate
  • A photocopy of a valid Israeli passport
  • Parental consent
  • Passport picture