Why start a business in Poland, is it a good idea?

Why start a business in Poland

Poland is a very attractive country for business

Economic stability and central location in Europe and the fact that Poland has a large and stable economy gives foreign investors advantages in a variety of fields.

Poland offers a great geographical location, a skilled and professional workforce, a wide range of business incentives, and many investment opportunities. The most important government assistance is provided to foreign investors who concentrate their activities in the field of research and development, environmental protection, renewable energy, and renewable energy.

 Training, logistics and other business sectors. Tax exemptions are granted to companies based in special economic areas.

 Many international companies have opened branches in Poland and many foreign investors are considering establishing their businesses in the country. 

Businesses in Poland are enjoying positive development and trading conditions among them: the automotive and aviation industry, the electronics industry, the energy sector, the food industry, and of course in the IT and research and development sector.

Corporate tax is relatively low and tax benefits given to entrepreneurs and employers increase the rate of investment