Changes in the Polish Passport Law


A new passport law has come into force in Poland. It introduces many conveniences for citizens.

The main ones are:

  • no need to submit a paper passport application. From now on, the clerk will fill out the electronic form. A person applying for a passport will only have to confirm their data and sign the application on a special device located in the office.
  • the launch of the Passport Document Register, which provides access to
    e-services, such as checking whether a passport is ready for collection, whether its validity has not expired, setting up automatic notification of passport expiration, or reporting lost or damaged passports without visiting the office.

The Passport Document Registry was launched on November 13, 2022. The government has announced that this is not the last change regarding passport applications. It is planned that in 2023 it will be possible to apply for a passport online, without having to be present at the office. 

We will keep you informed of any changes in this regard.